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Weight loss - YES - you can 'spot reduce' Don't believe the fitness industry when they t

I used to work as a personal fitness trainer and I too, believed you couldn't 'spot reduce'. By this, I mean you couldn't target a specific area of your body to lose weight from. With Zen Ki Yoga, you can target any specific part of your body and even the wrinkles on your face!!!

This is no new fad either!! This information is 1,000's of years old. We are using the principles of Japanese/Chinese medicine. Your body is like a map - every part of your body relates to a different organ or body system (digestive system etc). We look at the part that is out of condition (or fat) and we look at the related organ and/or system. We fix the internal part and make it function properly and the fat or problem disappears.

If you have ever tried to tone your body or lose weight, you may have realised by now that conventional methods are difficult, repetitive and often pointless or a waste of time.

For example, how many of you have tried to tone up the back of your upper arm (the tricep area) so it doesn't flap around - I call them 'bat wings'. This area will never tone up by doing tricep exercises... Sure the muscle will grow and it may hold up 'some' of the fat around that area, but if there is flap, it will hang if you are just using these methods.

This area is a direct reflection of your digestive system and specifically your small intestine. It is true that the fat on your tricep area relates to the fat on your thighs. Your thighs too, reflect the health and state of your digestive system, but they are more specific to your stomach meridian, which controls the digestive system (with the spleen meridian). Toning your digestive system, meaning, your internal organs such as your stomach, spleen, small intestine, large intestine and liver will help reduce the fat on your thighs, your bum and triceps.

This is what sets Zen Ki Yoga apart from traditional Indian styles of yoga and definitely apart from western methods of exercise. You can tone your organs so they function better. When they function better, you look better on the outside.

Did you know that your jaw line tells us how well your bladder and intestines are working? If the bladder is not strong and toned you lose the definition under your chin directly under your mouth. The areas out to the sides of your jaw line all the way up the the ears reflect your small and large intestines. You tone these up and your tone up your jaw line. It's not OLD AGE as most people believe. Haven't you seen young people who have lost their jaw to their neck? If the entire jaw line has fallen, so has the digestive system and urinary system!!

Look out for our classes on toning specific areas for weight loss online and in the studio. We love to hear from our members and want to make this site as useful to YOU as possible, so let us know if we don't already have an online class for you. Our online site for classes is now xx

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