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“Over ten years I have clocked up hours and hours in a number of different yoga studios trying different types but none of them appealed to me.

That is, until a few years ago when a friend of mine recommended that I try Janie Larmour’s Zen Ki Yoga class in Sydney. I instantly loved it and within 4 weeks noticed the positive effect it had on the shape and strength of my body.


From my point-of-view, yoga is the perfect combination of exercise and relaxation. Even the more active types are a source of relaxation as well, and the slower types certainly help tone the body too.

After a Zen Ki or Bikram class, I certainly feel centered and calm, whilst also noticing how much tighter my butt, core, and arms feel.”

Samantha Sample

from her book “Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Genki”

"I have suffered kidney problems most of my life. Zen Ki yoga has helped me manage my condition and dramatically improved my quality of life. Its unique combination of strengthening, stretching and breathing can be done by anyone. Combined with a good diet I have been able and boost my energy levels ten fold and eliminate the need to take antibiotics and other medications. I've been so impressed, I've introduced friends and family who are also experiencing the benefits. Once you start, you'll feel so good you won't stop!"
Aela Callan, Journalist, 7 News Room 


"When I first joined Janie at her Zen Ki yoga classes, I was experiencing menstrual pain which was continuing to increase in pain and intensity each month, after six months under Janie's guidance I became pain free and I still am... eighteen months later!" 
Wendy, Darlinghurst 

"Janie's class is such a wonderful start to my day. Her knowledge and professionalism has helped me enormously to cope with the rigours of my life, reinvigorate my body and get my breathing and stress management fully on track. " 
Bessie Bardot - Best Selling Author, Presenter, Media Personality 

"As a guy, I was looking for something practical that I could feel results from straight away. Janie's Yoga class has given me a new lease on life. I literally feel years younger and have found myself for the first time in ages actually enjoying getting healthy again. " 
Geoff Barker - Best Selling Author, Presenter, Media Personality



Teacher Training Testimonials...

“My Zen Ki yoga journey started when I started to truly struggle with my body. I’d been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Endometriosis. Trying various doctors, countless medications and even suggested surgery nothing seemed to work. So after years of thinking that intense period pain, adnominal, back and pelvic pain along with moodiness and tiredness was going to be apart of my life, I decided I’d had enough!

I have always been an active person with an interest in natural healing methods. I’ve practice various styles of yoga which I have found to be invaluable but nothing like the style of yoga that I found with Janie.

Finally, I found something that helped! Immediately I experienced the feeling of well-being, a sense of balance and alignment and energy that stayed with me for days. As I continued my practice over the seasons I felt a deeper connection to myself and started to become pain free! I had energy flowing through my pelvis, back pain became less over time and my energy levels improved. I felt like I’d stumbled on this amazing new drug which had been kept a secret from everyone.

I am now stronger, more flexible and have a better attitude to life as I combine my practice of Zen Ki with acupuncture and a macrobiotic diet. After feeling and seeing what amazing benefits Zen Ki has, I decided I wanted to gain a deeper understanding, which lead me to Teacher Training.

I am still learning about yoga and I know it will be life long. It is one of those things that will never end, there is always something new and exciting to learn. This is really just the beginning of my yoga journey! I love the effect it has, be it mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. Join us in the studio and watch your own body open, change and transform.”

Anglea Beaumont




Detox Testimonials...

“I wanted to tone up – Check! I wanted to increase flexibility – Check! And I wanted to feel healthier - I must say, this last one has been the best. When I signed up for the course, I didn’t think I was going to change the way I eat permanently or have a lifestyle makeover, but after ten days I have found the inspiration to eliminate some of the things that are holding me back, specifically dairy and sugar. I came in with very distressing hormonal imbalance and various ailments and after 10 days, I feel physically and emotionally different. I am confident that the on-going lifestyle adjustment will reap further benefits still. 


I loved the food and the stretching was really, really helpful. I also really liked hearing about what exercises affect which areas and why they are beneficial.


I really loved when you explained the areas of the body that we were working and gave information about the macrobiotic diet and why it is beneficial. I loved the info, the more the better. 


I’ll definitely be back for the next detox, hopefully it’ll be a little easier the next time around!”

Stephanie Glass, Darlinghurst


I loved the email support, the recipes, foods to avoid and general support etc.

Hannah S


I especially enjoyed the yoga, the yummy breakfasts and the energetic teacher.  The program was great!

Belinda Hussey, Alexandria


6 am is a great time to get going.  Breakfasts were fab too!  I feel stronger, more alert and ‘on my way’.  I would love to do a 2-week intensive to really build solidly on the first week’s momentum and keep the changes coming as I feel they have come so fast.  Thank you for all your efforts this week to look after us!!

Kerry-Anne Hogan, Darlinghurst


I enjoyed experiencing amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits so quickly.  Zen Ki Yoga and Janie’s teaching have transformed my life from a struggle against my body’s weakness and ageing to a renewal of the capacity to find joy in my experience of it.

Janne Searle, Darlinghurst



DVD Testimonials...

Hi Janie,

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy the Zen Ki Yoga DVDs which cover the five seasons. I like to keep fit but I've never been very flexible, and after I had my second child I realised I need to do something about that as my hips jammed up a lot during pregnancy and even during labor. I was looking for an exercise program that I could do at home (since I really can't get out  with my two young children) which would help me to build strength and flexibility. My mum gave me the Zen Ki series as a present, and I'm really glad she did. Your DVDs, while challenging, are good even for people like me who can scarcely touch their toes! I was careful to follow your advice and not begin the exercises until eight weeks postpartum, and now at three months after the baby my core is amazingly strong, I'm getting more flexible and my pelvic floor muscles have never been so strong (pre or post baby!) Also my back, which takes a lot of punishment with two little children being carried a lot, feels opened up and so comfortable after your program. I will be continuing with the DVD's and look forward to seeing more improvement as time goes on, and I do hope to be able to attend a class in person some day in the future!

Thanks and very best regards,



As much as I love to exercise, I often get a little bored doing the same thing every day or week. Even jogs on the beach lose their appeal after a few months. There is however, one exercise that I swear by, and that I have kept up with every week for the past  five years – Zen Ki Yoga.

Samantha Sample

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