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Teacher Training Diploma & Post Graduate Courses

Our teacher training is very extensive and thorough to ensure you become the best yoga teacher you can be.  We do not cut corners (we are not a diploma factory). We are interested in teaching serious, committed yoga teachers.  We now offering teacher training via distant education!!!
All courses are registered with Yoga Australia.



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Get started with your online learning now. 

We have bundled the online courses together for one easy sign up/purchase for your Zen Ki Yoga Diploma level 1.  The courses you will get are:

  • The 5 elements:

    • water (kidney/bladder) 40+ hours​

    • wood (liver/gall bladder) 40+ hours

    • fire (heart/small intestine/heart constrictor/triple heater) 40+ hours

    • earth (spleen/stomach) 40+ hours

    • metal (lung/large intestine) 40+ hours

  • Psoas Release Training 50+ hours

  • Back Pain Therapy Training 60 + hours

  • Anatomy & Movement for Yoga Teachers 50+ hours

This includes weekly 1 1/2 hour sessions on Wednesday nights with Janie in person or via Zoom.  In-person sessions are 7 - 8.30 pm in Potts Point.

Purchase directly here for instant access >>> 

More information about the teacher training


Each of the 5 elements has 5 separate modules where you will learn the meridians that work with each element and the Zen Ki Yoga poses that work each of these meridians. The 5 elements have over 32 hours of tutorials for yoga poses with over 20 classes for you to teach (4 for each element/season).


Psoas Release Training gives you over 3½ hours of tutorials on poses and  3 classes to teach + 2 shorter sequences with lots of tutorials about poses, anatomy and the theory of the psoas muscle group. 

Back Pain Therapy Training gives you 4 + hours of tutorials for poses and 4 full classes to teach with lots of anatomy, notes, meridian and other information.

Anatomy & Movement for Yoga Teachers includes applied anatomy directly to Zen Ki Yoga and traditional yoga asanas as well as western anatomy.

You also get with your purchase:

  • Weekly Zoom or in-person face-to-face training with Janie (90 mins/week)

  • access to online class subscription for 1 year (over 100 classes)

  • access to all course materials for 1 year minimum (free extension)

  • philosophy of yoga correspondence course (including Masahiro Oki's philosophy texts)

  • unlimited email assistance.

Purchase directly here for instant access >>> 

Zen Ki Yoga® Teacher Training Diploma


Stand out from the rest!!!


What makes the Zen Ki Yoga® Teacher Training Diploma one of the best...?


  • Your participation in the Zen Ki Yoga® Teacher Training Diploma will ensure you are equipped with the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience to teach yoga anywhere and any time, in any situation.


  • Your teacher - Janie Larmour has over 25 years of experience in health, anatomy, fitness and has been working with this style of yoga for 18 years.  She has run teacher training since 2009 and has experienced teachers coming to her for further training. She is the teacher's teacher with over 4,000 hours training others!!!

  • You WILL become a yoga teacher!! Our course receiving feedback when you teach classes to real people. You will learn how to deal with all different variations within yoga poses. You will gain confidence and skills to create your own business.  


  • The therapeutic nature of Zen Ki Yoga® will allow you to use it with people at any age, with any health condition, with any level of mobility and fitness and even those with zero flexibility.


  • Zen Ki Yoga® is also very beneficial and challenging for those who are fit, healthy and flexible and will also assist those practicing Indian yoga styles to take their yoga further.


  • We have an on-line yoga studio so that you can practice yoga classes and learn extra information at your convenience to get the most out of your course.


  • You will teach live classes to the public or your friends and film them and send them into us for feedback  to ensure you achieve a high standard of yoga teaching.


  • You will study detailed Anatomy & Physiology applied specifically to Zen Ki Yoga® so that you will be able to recognise structural issues in your clients and ensure they are practicing safe yoga.


  • You will heal your body, mind, physical ailments such as back problems etc, digestion and reproductive issues, which will teach you on a deeper level how to heal others.


  • Zen Ki Yoga® is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine so you will learn both eastern and western philosophies about healing the body so that you have, and you are able to give your clients a choice about the way to heal.


  • You will have the opportunity to learn Zen Ki Yoga® as therapy, including using hara diagnosis and shiatsu so that you have a ‘package’ of healing skills. The therapy part of the course is run separately (Zen Ki Massage).


  • Mentoring is available for as long as it takes you to achieve your qualification.


You have will have 24/7 access to online tutorials and teacher training materials.


If you are interested in Zen Ki Yoga® Basics for your own knowledge - poses, macrobiotics, meridians and some philosophy and want to heal yourself; this is the course for you. Teacher Trainers will go on to Part 2 to complete the Teacher Training Diploma. To learn more about how to enrol in this powerful and unique yoga teacher training diploma - email us for a full course prospectus.


About your trainer

Janie Larmour is a senior level 3 yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for 25 years. She ran The Centre of Yoga in Darlinghurst for 13 years. Janie now focuses mostly on distant education teachers and her online yoga studio website  Janie has also been one of Sydney’s leading personal fitness trainers since 1994 and has travelled the world with clients to ensure their fitness needs. Her extensive experience, dedication and obsession with how the body works for optimum health will give you a deep understanding on every aspect of Zen Ki Yoga® and you will come out of the course with the tools you need to relate your skills to the general public to be a successful teacher and healer.


This course is registered with the Yoga Australia.


Email us for a course prospectus >>>  Please tell us your full name and location.


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