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Bladder Strength Master Class

Location:  Kings Cross or via Zoom


Wed, 10 July 2024 Australia

6.15 - 8.15 pm EST

You can still Purchase RECORDING and Notes

LIVE or via Zoom          Price auto-converts to AUD/£/€/USD/NZD

Session will be recorded and available for 1 month afterward.

Cost:  $35 AUD

GET 2 CPD/CEC points

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, your bladder rules your confidence, motivation, sex drive, ability to orgasm, back health and nervous system. You can strengthen your bladder with Zen Ki Yoga moves!!  Using your body in 3 different ways (no Kegels) will give you a strong bladder (no more bathroom visits through the night) within a few weeks, naturally!!!

Bladder weakness is a growing problem in our society (even for women who haven't had children and men too) due to our lifestyle and diet.

Learn about the foods that weaken your bladder so you can avoid them and the foods that will help strengthen you.

Learn the yoga poses and behavioural techniques that will strengthen your bladder too!!  You will receive notes so that you can continue your practise every day at home to speed up the strengthening of your bladder.

Learn how the strength of your bladder determines your ability to orgasm, your sex drive, your confidence and motivation.

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