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Black rice pudding

Black rice pudding is a great dessert - eat without feeling guilty xx

What you need:

Black rice (don't get confused with wild rice - not the same) unsweetened apple juice natural sultanas or raisins (or both) - make sure they are not processed with vegetable oils dried apricots (optional)

What to do:

chop apricots soak rice, apricots and sultanas in 1/2 apple juice and 1/2 water overnight

boil all ingredients including the liquid until the rice is soft (you may need to add more water or juice as you are boiling)

serve warm with coconut cream!!! Yum xx

See a short video of this when I cooked in on Channel 9's Fresh with Jason Roberts, when we was host and the show existed in early 2000's!!! Link to facebook >>>

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