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The Vagus Nerve, Psoas, Anxiety Connection Workshop

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GET 5 CPD/CEC points

The vagus nerve connects the brain to the gut, regulating our digestion and digestive enzyme secretion. Poor gut health influences inflammation, mood and anxiety levels.


The psoas also has a strong connection to our experience of anxiety and the diaphragm influences both the vagus nerve and psoas.


Learn how easy it is to release the psoas and calm the nervous system, moving from 'fight/flight' to 'relax' or 'rest/digest' mode with:

  • movement/yoga

  • breath

  • diet

  • and lifestyle habits to cover every base for the vagus nerve. 

You will finish this workshop with several techniques and a yoga routine to calm the entire Vagus Nerve, relax the Psoas and calm anxiety.

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