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Getting rid of sugar from your diet - the only way to do it for success...

You may have tried and failed many times before. You may not even want to get rid of sugar. But sugar is like battery acid. It eats away at your bones, tightens your joints and makes your organs expand and loose - not to mention your skin!

How to get rid of your sugar cravings Nourish the spleen Eat lots of yellow vegetables and vegetables that are round. This includes pumpkin, carrots and onions. This is what your body recognises as sweet!! Forget about what your mind wants (for now).

When cooking pumpkin and carrots, it's great to leave the skin on but make sure you wash them well. Cook them in a little bit of water and add sea salt to the end of the cooking process. This will enable your body to absorb the nutrients and the sweetness out of the food. If you add the salt at the beginning, the vegetables will contract and it's harder for your body to absorb what it needs.

These vegetables can also be sautéed in cold-pressed, unrefined sesame oil, which will give them an extra sweet flavour!!

Eat brown rice Brown rice is a complex carbohydrate, which means it is a sugar. Your body will recognise it as a sugar and when it is a complex sugar, it strengthens your body instead of weakening it, like a simple sugar does. When your body has had it's fill of complex sugars, it will lessen it's craving of 'quick-fix' sugars (chocholates, lollies etc).

Chew your food When you chew your food properly (at least 35 but up to 50 or 80 or more times) you are breaking down more and more nutrients and sugars that can then be absorbed into the blood stream and therefore by the entire body so that you feel satisfied as you are actually receiving the nutrition that you put into your body. If the body is satisfied, it doesn't crave things.

Watch your salt intake We need good quality sea salt in order for the body to function. It is the building block of our bones and our blood, in that it provides us with minerals and other trace elements. When we have too much salt or commercial type salts, we usually start to crave sugar in order to balance it out. Notice the next time you have a salty meal: you will probably crave sugar to balance yourself out. Lots of sugar cravings are because of this reason.

Trick your body When you do have a sugar craving, try and have a piece of fruit instead. Try to make the fruit an apple or a pear and stay away from the tropical type fruits as they cause too much of an imbalance in your body (and create acid). If the fruit doesn't satisfy you, you may need to have a small amount of what you are craving. Make sure though, that it is a tiny, tiny bit of chocolate or whatever. If you deprive yourself of something, the craving usually gets stronger. You will have to be the judge of this and not have the chocolate as an excuse. Hold out until you are sure that there is no other way!

Remember… It takes three days for sugar to leave your body. While you have sugar in your body, you will crave it. If you can try and trick your body for three days, your sugar cravings will be more manageable.

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