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Zen Ki Yoga® Basic Poses ONLINE course


You can now study some of the Basic Zen Ki Yoga® poses in detail, just like our teacher trainers…! 


We are offering some BASIC courses in Zen Ki Yoga® to enrich your practice so you can get the most out of your yoga. This is also a great way to get a taste of our teacher training courses (in-studio and distant education).

In Zen Ki Yoga®, there are 12 meridians and there are different poses for each meridian. You can join our ONLINE course and learn the basic poses (8 - 12 for each meridian - around 100 poses!!!).

This course runs for 12 weeks and while you are doing the course, you have full access to all of our online classes!!!!


In this course, you can view the correct way of performing the pose, do the pose yourself following all of the video instruction online and then write up the description of the pose. Each pose is explained and written on a white board to ensure you have learnt the details of each of the selected poses.

It is suggested that you perform each pose (where possible) and write them up in a booklet. This step will be necessary for current teachers who wish to gain CPD points with Yoga Australia.  

Basic Zen Ki Yoga® Poses course includes:
• detailed instruction for almost 100 poses
• email and/or phone support from the instructor
• access to all ONLINE classes for the duration of your course
• almost 8 hours of online tuition = over 30 hours of work with the suggested Watch/Do/Write/Learn program
• assessment for full CPD points (15 CPD without assessment/30 CPD with assessment for YA)
• a healthier, stronger YOU 


Course Investment: $330 AUD

Sign up NOW >>>


Please note: Completion of these courses does NOT qualify you to become a yoga teacher. These courses are for self-interest, updating teacher training skills (for current) teachers or as a head-start for prospective teacher trainers.  By signing up to these courses, you agree NOT to mislead the public or advertise that you are a Zen Ki Yoga® teacher.  Zen Ki Yoga® is a registered trademark. By all means, use the poses for your own health and for your family and friends!!  It is not appropriate to teach these poses publicly as a class unless you have a full understanding of how Zen Ki Yoga® works by successfully completing our teacher training diploma program.



Meridians ONLINE - coming soon...

This course is a great accompaniment to the Basic Poses course. As most of our Zen Ki Yoga® poses are based on working with the meridians, the Meridians course is a tool to understand the poses more deeply.




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