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About Zen Ki Yoga®...

Zen Ki Yoga® really is the most effective healing system you'll ever learn and so different from anything you've ever done before.

There are lots of different forms of yoga, but Zen Ki Yoga® is a Japanese form of yoga based on the healing massage, Zen Shiatsu using the meridians the same as an acupuncturist would - without the needles.  We use body movement and specific positions to access the meridians and even the actual organs.  This approach to working with the body makes Zen Ki Yoga® different to any other form of yoga you would have experienced before.

While we occasionally do Salute to the Suns, they are not the basis of our classes and in fact, you may go for months without even doing one!!  You have to try Zen Ki Yoga to really understand what we do and just how powerful it can be.

​A high proportion of our classes are done lying on the back and front of the body so as to work intensely on the internal body.  Part of our philosophy is that if we fix the internal body, the digestive organs, the reproductive system, the circulation, the respiration, the hormones and all other 'internal' parts, the appearance of the outer body, our moods, emotions and behaviour change.

Our classes are often quite specific with the positioning of your body right down to the hands and feet to ensure that you actually access each meridian and to assure your safety.

Classes are also seasonal!!!  As the weather changes, your body changes and therefore so should your yoga.  Zen Ki Yoga® classes align your body with the changes of the season so that you stay in optimal health through out the entire year by concentrating on the appropriate meridians/organs for that season according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 element theory.

The best way to understand what Zen Ki Yoga® is to TRY A CLASS!!! We currently have 92 online classes on our online site.  New subscribers get a week free trial at


Our App is available at the App Store or Google Play with 2 weeks trial and over 100 unique classes. Search 'Zen Ki Yoga'



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