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Cauliflower & Wakame soup - autumn/winter

You either love or hate this soup. I love it. It's really good for you. Especially for your lungs, large intestine and your blood.

  • whole cauliflower

  • 5 - 6 stalks wakame seaweed

  • arame

  • sea salt

Cut cauliflower into pieces and add to boiling water

Soak wakame seaweed in a bowl of cold/room temp water

When wakame has softened, but the stalk out from the middle and keep aside

When the cauliflower has boiled, get a blender and add cauliflower to it with some of the water and some of the wakame and blend until it is all smooth. Repeat this process until all the wakame and cauliflower is blended. You will need an extra saucepan to transfer the mixture to after it has been blended (unless you are making on one blender full).

It's really important to put the lid on the blender WITHOUT the little glass top on it. Instead, place a paper towel over this place and hold it down while you blend. This will allow the heat to escape without getting splattered by the soup. If you don't allow for ventilation the lid will explode off.

Transfer the entire blended mixture back onto the stove and add some salt if necessary (sometimes your seaweed is salty enough) and add a pinch or so of arame seaweed and simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring regularly. You may wish to add extra water if it seems too thick. Allow to stand to rest and cool a little bit before serving.

You can serve with a scoop of brown rice in the soup too.

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