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Strengthen your bladder with Zen Ki Yoga®


For bladder, pelvic floor, a great bum, back strength, stronger orgasms and more...

Bring knees and ankles together, squeezing them strongly together, take your knees to the right (your left foot will come off the floor because your insides of feet are glued together), keeping your knees squeezing strongly together, bring your knees back up (feet will be flat on the floor again) and exhale to take your knees to the right. Only take your knees as low as you can with your knees staying glued together and your opposite shoulder and elbow staying on the floor. Take knees right to left for 6-8 times. This loosens the back and gets the energy moving through the spine and lower back.

Next keeping your knees and ankles together, stretch your arms over your head (shoulder distance wide), inhale, then exhale to lift your bum to the ceiling ONLY as high as you can with your knees and ankles staying together, inhale down, exhale up x 6. This will strengthen the back and bring energy into the spine and bladder meridian.

Now take your legs wide, pull the toes back, lock the legs out and roll the legs inward a little so that your kneecaps point to the ceiling. Walk the elbows into the sides of your body, with fists above elbows. Feel the weight on your calf muscle (just slightly to the inside line of your calf). Pushing on your calf muscles and elbows lift your bum (pelvis) making sure you don't roll your legs/feet outward. Inhale down and exhale up x 6. Exhale all your breath before coming down. If you wish to do this with the legs closer before taking your legs wide, do that first. The wider your legs, the more difficult it is to lift and you are not expected to come completely off the floor. You must get to the widest leg position to be able to access the bladder and the pelvic floor.

When lifting, make sure you don't bend the knees or dig the heels down. Keep the legs locked out strongly (with knees pushing downward to keep them locked out) otherwise you are only straining the back of your legs and are not accessing the back and bum to strengthen them.

With the legs wide and your bum lifted, hold this and then TRY to lift your right leg (keeping your left leg pointing up - don't roll it out). Lower the leg with control. You probably WON'T actually lift the leg, but the ATTEMPT will strengthen you just as much as if you did. It doesn't matter if it comes up or not, BUT DON'T cheat by dropping your bum to lift the leg. If you do that, you have lost the bladder work we are after here. Try to lift right leg, then the left leg twice.

Come down and bring your legs closer and try this again. You might be able to lift with the legs closer which will still strengthen your bladder. Keep trying this and take your legs wider as you get stronger. The wider you can do it, the stronger your bladder will be!!! Rest on your back for a few moments (don't pull knees to chest - even if you back aches, which is just acid in your back. Then after resting, repeat the first move (knees side to side) to loosen the back again and get the energy flowing again.

This move will make your bladder and pelvic floor stronger as well as your back and give you more shape to your bum. The stronger your bladder the stronger your orgasm too!!!!

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