Meridians & Pressure Points - the basics course

Learn the meridians, pressure points & kiatsu

Learn where your meridians are located and how they affect your mind, body and health.


If you are a teacher, this will enhance your yoga teaching.  This course is also great for your own personal knowledge (non-teachers).

Dates for the course:

5 - weeks Sundays, 6 & 13 & 26 November + 4 & 11 December

7 - 9 am UK time

6 - 8 pm Australian time

Course is live on Zoom.  Recordings will be available for 2 weeks after each session.

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 11.10.07 am.png

This course will include:                                                                  

Week 1: the bladder and kidney meridians​

Week 2: the liver and gall bladder meridians

Week 3: the heart and small intestine meridians + heart protector and triple heater meridians

Week 4: the stomach and spleen meridians

Week 5: the lung and large intestine meridians


£165 GBP or $285 AUD

Please note, this an introduction course.  This intro course will still leave you confident to use all the points and meridian information for improving your health.  A more detailed course is planned for 2023.