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It's Summer time!!!

In summer the heart, small intestine, heart constrictor and triple heater meridians are the most active, vulnerable and therefore the most ready to be manipulated and healed. The small intestine is your digestive fire. It is where we absorb the minerals from the food we eat into the blood stream. If this organ is working strongly, we will absorb maximum nutrients and therefore be satisfied by the food we eat, have more power within ourselves and feel a deeper connection to our 'hara' - the deepest part of ourselves, the seat of our soul. When the small intestine is weak, we tend to be in our heads and a little crazy. To the extreme, it's the meridian we work in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help people with more extreme issues such as bi-polar etc. Make the gut strong and the mind is centred and we are able to get in touch with our 'gut thoughts'. This is where are truth is (in our gut). We have the same cells in our gut as we do in the brain that we think with. Our gut thoughts are never wrong. The problem is when we allow our head to get in the way - this is where our ego lives and we tend to over think, worry and if that continues, become a little crazy xxx

The small intestine also makes your belly slim - so another good reason to the

The small intestine situp is from the position above. Press foot into the leg - heel above the knee and ball of foot below the knee so that the arch of the foot is wrapped around the knee. Bend your upper body around until you can hold OVER your kneecap so that your fingers press gently into the groove at the base of the knee cap. From here exhale as you try to sit up. You make only lift your head and shoulders or you may sit all the way up like in the last picture. If you only get to picture two, try this: CHEAT - but only under these conditions... So exhale and throw yourself up and then come down VERY VERY slowly. Do this a few times and eventually you will be able to sit up all the way without cheating. We don't want to cheat every time though!!! We only do this for a few (after trying without cheating and only if you can't get up by yourself) and we only cheat because your body becomes stronger from going down backwards. So we need to come up in order to do that part: coming down slowly. Muscles (including your skeletal muscles of the deep belly AND your smooth muscles in the intestine get stronger during the eccentric phase of a movement - the downward phase in this case). You might be able to sit up after this the first time, but it might also take a week or a month. If you did it every day, you should be able to do it within a week or so.

Remember!!! Do not let your fingers slip off of your knee when you come down, otherwise you are missing the small intestine.

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