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Salt - the building block of your body!!!

April 21, 2017

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Building Bowel Strength

February 27, 2017

Building strength in the bowel will clear your head, your skin and make you more positive and happy...

The large intestine, in Chinese medicine relates to your skin, skin breakouts, cellulite, colds and flu's, headaches and clarity of mind. If the large intestine or bowel is clogged up, so is your head!


Aside from this, bowel cancer is the second biggest cause of death from cancer after lung cancer in Australia and the USA.


We can strengthen the intestines to help minimise headaches and fogginess in the head and to help ward off colds and flu's. The stronger the intestines the clearer the whole body and mind will be. Remember, the large intestine is supposed to eliminate our waste. When we are able to do this efficiently, we feel and look lighter in the body AND in the mind. When the bowels are working properly, we have less chance of irritation and therefore less chance of bowel cancer.


This exercise will also help to get rid of your love handles and lift your butt!


Autumn is the best time of year to work on the bowel, however, we can strengthen it at any time. But Autumn is also the time of year that we may notice issues (as above) that are associated with the large intestine. It is also the time a lot of our shoulder pain comes which is usually from blockages in the bowels too!


We need to develop strength in the lower belly and back so that we have the strength in the bowels to push out all the waste we need to push out. Imagine that if you don't have enough strength, you are probably not getting rid of all of your waste. The excess waste sits in the bowels and builds and putrefies the body.


Try this: Lie on your back with your hands interlaced behind your head. Lock your legs out straight and pull our toes back strongly so they are above your heels, facing the ceiling. Keeping your knees locked out straight and strong lift your buttocks up off the floor. It doesn't matter if you don't come completely off the floor but just shift the weight onto your heels and squeeze your buttocks up.


Try not to use your shoulders! They will help you get higher but that's not the point of the exercise. We are trying to teach the lower body to work separately to the upper body.


Inhale to come down, exhale to lift up. Repeat 8 -- 10 times.