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Zen Ki Massage Intro Course

Meridian massage, pressure points, kiatsu & shiatsu!!!

Be the FIRST to learn great techniques to add to your private appointments with clients and classes.


Non Zen Ki Yoga® teachers are also welcome as you can use this on your family and friends AND you can do it if you are planning on doing our teacher training in the future.


Learn more about Zen Ki Yoga®, the meridians, the 5 elements and how to use all of the same information we use in our classes for yourself and your friends to improve their health.​

If you are already a teacher, you will learn more deeply about each meridian, specific tsubo points and how to apply massage, energy work and 'kiatsu' to shift blockages that you may not be able to access as a teacher with yoga.

Dates for the course:










This course will include:                                                                  

  • detailed meridian study (location and relationship to health)

  • tsubo location and their effect on our health (this will be expanded in our Part 2 course)

  • hara power

  • 5-element theory in detail

  • kiatsu and energy cultivation (clear blockages with your fingertips!!)

  • fascia

  • meridians and the body's relationships (learn where the most effective areas to treat each meridian and the diagnostic areas that exist in your arms and legs) 

  • hara diagnosis

  • specific shiastu meridians and specific health issues (constipation, headaches, back ache and more)

  • all of the Zen Ki Yoga® massage routines to use at the end of your classes


EARLY BIRD - $550 before 21 December 

From 22 December up until course commencement date - $585

Pay instalments $625 (full course cost) - $300 deposit to reserve your place / +$165  / $160 

Repeat students total course cost is $150 (please email for payment details).

Please note, this an introduction course and it takes longer to develop a deep sensitivity to the varying energy of others.  This intro course will still leave you confident to practice this work on clients, family and friends and deepen your knowledge whether you are a teacher or for general interest. 

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2019 - Fridays

9.45 - 12 noon

11, 18 January + 1, 8, 15 February +

8 March

All dates above are included for the course.

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