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Psoas Release for Anxiety Relief Workshop

The psoas muscle is one of our deepest core muscles that should allow us to feel confident, open and connected.  Unfortunately, so many of us have weakness or tension (and usually both) that it causes back pain, period pain, postural and emotional issues.

Learn and experience how easy it is to release your psoas with the combined ancient Chinese medicine and modern exercise science techniques of Zen Ki YogaÒ. Discover how this deep core muscle not only affects your posture, back pain and reproductive system but also is a major contributor to anxiety, panic attacks, worry, over thinking and stress. Lengthen it, strengthen it, build a connection with your psoas and learn how to control and eliminate anxiety and stress.


This workshop will include a yoga class and lots of notes.Great for teachers and yogis of any level of experience.

Psoas Workshop – Sunday, 5 January 2020  11 am – 4 pm               $160 early bird until 31 October

& Anxiety

                                                                 Limited to 12 people.               $195 from 1 November


Revolution Santa Monica - 1211 Montana Ave, Santa Monica