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Our classes are casual to make it easy for you to fit into your busy schedule.  Our workshops are educational and take a little more organisation, making it necessary to book ahead.

We love to give you, as our client, as much information about your health so you can get the most out of your Zen Ki Yoga® practice to ensure you stay in tip-top health.  Our workshops aim to change your health to a more positive, happier and easier way of life.  We always encourage that you try out the advice we have and if it works - use it and if it's not for you, at least you have a different perspective of how to enhance your health in some way as there's always lots of information for you to use.

Just Breathe Workshop


Saturday, 13 May 2017 (10 am - 1 pm)  - GO DEEPER & Earn CPDs


Learn all about your breathing patterns and how to improve them for optimal health.  80% of us only breathe at 30% of our capacity. This is a scary thought when you learn you get rid of 70% of your toxins from breathing!!!!  Incorrect breathing can cause back pain, colds and flus, upper body tension, including headaches, anxiety, panic attacks AS WELL AS toxic build up in the blood stream.


Usually the harder by 'try' to breathe properly, the worse it becomes.  There are simple and easy to learn techniques to get you out of your bad habits and breathing properly again. Come and learn with us and find out more about the importance of breathe and how to make it better!!!


Cost: $80  BOOK NOW>>>

Healthy Secrets Workshop


Saturday, .....


10 am - 12.30 pm     $65 before ...../$80 on the day           BOOK NOW>>>

Optimise your health with some simple advice that you can add to your everyday life.

Learn simple answers that make sense to everyday daily habits. Have you ever asked questions like...

• Is sugar really bad for us?
• How much water should we really drink?
• What happens if I cut salt out of my diet completely?
• How do I stop the constant aches and pains in my body?
• How can I better regulate myself to the hot weather?
• … and the cold?

This workshop includes information about diet, body movement and personal care that you can add daily to your life to feel lighter, happier and more grounded every day... 

Pay by ...... for early bird discount - $65 instead of $80.



Period Pain Workshop

Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane

next dates to tba (one day workshop)

$175 early bird/$225 after tba - General Interest

$270 early bird/$330 after tba - Yoga teachers (includes online learning, 20 CPD points

Janie Larmour has had proven success using Zen Ki Yoga in helping countless women get rid of their period pain, even those with severe endometriosis who had been told by their doctor they wouldn't be able to fall pregnant without having an operation etc.


These women noticed a huge change in pain reduction in the first month and were pain free in 6 months.  The women who was told she wouldn't be able to fall pregnant did so easily without complications or any operation.


Learn the Zen Ki Yoga moves, the diet and all the information you need to get rid of your own period pain.


If you are a teacher, you can learn simple classes that you can teach to your own students to assist them!!


Book NOW on our secure system (general version) >>>


Book NOW on our secure system (yoga teachers version) >>>

Bladder Workshop


Sat, tba 9.45 am - 12.30 pm


Sun, tba 10.45 am - 1.30 pm

Yes, you can strengthen your bladder with Zen Ki Yoga!!  There are no Kegel exercises in site - though you can do those.  We work a little differently and can guarantee that we can stop you having to get out of bed of a night to go to the toilet and make your bladder strong in a very short time.

It's not true that you will have a weak bladder for the rest of your life after having children... It can be fixed!!

Bladder weakness is a growing problem in our society (even for women who haven't had children and men too) due to our lifestyle and diet.

Learn about the foods that weaken your bladder so you can avoid them and the foods that will strengthen you.

Learn the yoga poses and behavioural techniques that will strengthen your bladder too!!  You will receive notes so that you can continue your practise every day at home to speed up the strengthening of your bladder.

Learn how the strength of your bladder determines your ability to orgasm, your sex drive, your confidence and motivation.


When:  Penrith

         Saturday,  2016 dates tba (9.45 am - 12.45 pm)


         Sunday, 2016 dates tba (10.45 am - 1.30 pm)

Cost:    $65

includes notes/information, yoga class/detailed instruction on specific bladder strengthening yoga, partner shiatsu, and miso soup!!



The Truth about Food

Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane

2016 dates tba

Abbotsford Convent         9 am - 4.30 pm     $165            BOOK NOW>>>

With so much conflicting information about food, diet guidelines and how to lose weight, it’s no wonder we have no idea what is right and what is wrong!!


In a world where it seems normal to drink some lemon concoction and eat nothing for 10 days or to eat nothing but protein for weeks on end, we have really lost our sense of ‘good-sense’ when it comes to food.

​Learn from some one who has tried and experienced most diets, tricks and ‘ideas’ and seen them work and fail first hand with her clients and her own body for the last 20 years.


Learn more about:
-why you can still eat carbs and lose weight
-why juice diets are not a smart way of detoxing
-why you need salt in your diet (you just need the right type and amount for your body)
-why you should NOT drink 2 litres of water every day
-why most vegetarian diets are not healthy
-acid & alkaline in your body
-what sugar really does to you
-why you don’t need to worry about the fat in your diet and how to use it for health and weight loss
-what other foods do to your body - dairy, meat, eggs, bread and grains
-how to spot reduce - target specific areas for weight loss with your diet
-how common ‘healthy’ foods in your diet are causing your health problems and how they affect different parts of your body, which ones, cause back pain, period pain, anxiety, infertility etc...

When:   Melbourne - Friday, 23rd October 2015

Cost:    $165 includes lots of notes, information and food samples ​

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