Psoas Release Workshop + Anatomy Workshop

Location:  The Centre of Yoga 

8 St Peters Lane, Darlinghurst

Workshops can also be done individually

Friday, 22nd February AND 1st March,  9.30 am - 12 noon

The Psoas, piriformis, core & sciatica study

Cost:  $175 EARLY BIRD (only until 7 Feb) $199 from 8 Feb

This is a life-changing workshop that will allow you to release your hips and connect more deeply to yourself.

Zen Ki Yoga has incredible techniques to strengthen AND release the psoas muscle - one of our deepest core muscles that should allow us to feel confident, open and connected.  Unfortunately, so many of us have weakness or tension (and usually both) that it causes back pain, period pain, postural and emotional issues.

Find out how easy it is to find and release in this incredible workshop and how the psoas relates to your core, piriformis and sciatic pain.

This workshop includes an in-depth study of anatomy, related emotions and psychology for the psoas and the rest of the pelvis.

Content covered:

  • The pelvis

  • Pelvic muscles

  • The pelvis and movement

  • Hip workshop

  • The psoas muscle + workshop for releasing the psoas

  • The piriformis muscle

  • Sciatica


Anatomy & Movement for Yoga Teachers


Take your teaching to the next level.

A thorough understanding of anatomy and the way your body moves gives you a deeper understanding of accessing meridians and using yoga as therapy to heal serious body misalignment issues!!!


Explained in easy to understand terms.


Become an anatomy EXPERT…    

Movement workshop

flexion              adduction                internal rotation

extension           abduction                external rotation

The Spine

            the vertebrae

            discs & problems

            care for the spine

            facet joints (and facet joint arthritis)

            muscles of the spine

            ligaments of the spine

            the nervous system and its relationship to the spine

The shoulder


            shoulder workshop

Putting it all together

Working with the poses to get correct alignment to maximize meridian activation

How the body works – nerve reflexes, activating opposing muscles, PNF stretching etc.

  • Relaxing the spine, techniques to improve flexibility faster

  • Opening the hips using opposing forces                  and more…

Both workshops are $360 if you wish to attend both, email us for a $40 discount.

Email us if you wish to sign up for the online psoas training  (alternatively your workshop cost for the psoas workshop above will be discounted for online course if you register within 3 months of attending the face-to-face course).