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Psoas Release Master Class (includes Anxiety & Back Pain)

Location:  Kings Cross or via Zoom

Wed, 5 June 2024 Australia

6.15 - 8.15 pm EST

LIVE or via Zoom          Price auto-converts to AUD/£/€/USD/NZD

Session will be recorded and available for 1 month afterward.

Cost:  $35 AUD

GET 2 CPD/CEC points

This is a life-changing Master Class WITH NOTES that will allow you to release your hips and connect more deeply to yourself.

Zen Ki Yoga has incredible techniques to strengthen AND release the psoas muscle - one of our deepest core muscles that should allow us to feel confident, open and connected.  Unfortunately, so many of us have weakness or tension (and usually both) that it causes back pain, period pain, postural and emotional issues.

Find out how easy it is to find and release in this incredible 2-hour class 

Includes notes with pictured psoas routine.


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