Macrobiotics Courses - Intro (2021), full course (2022)

Location:  ONLINE via Zoom

Preparing Soup

Full Macro Course
is coming Feb 2022

Starting with our intro course is advised.
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Macrobiotics Intro Course

Learn the basics with some amazing tips and tricks to optimise your health in easy to understand terms.

Saturdays, 13 November - 11 December     9 - 11.30 am

Sessions will be recorded and available until the following Saturday morning.

Cost:  $230 (early bird - pay before 30 October/$275 from 31 October)

GET 6 CPD with Yoga Australia (12 hours - 2 hrs = 1 pt as related to teaching = 6 pts/CEC points

Food is the fastest way to change your health, your body shape, your emotional responses and your overall well-being.  This is an easy to understand course that is easy for you to put into practice.

The workshop is LIVE with Janie via Zoom.  If you can't make it live, recordings will be available until the following Saturday lesson.

Course content:

Sat, 13 November

  • understanding macrobiotics, what is it?, where is it from? what does it do?

  • 5 element theory, the 5 seasons, 5 flavours, 5 transformations

  • yin & yang, understanding energy

  • specific macrobiotic foods

Sat, 20 November

  • cooking demonstration, basic miso soup, rice and pickles

  • face diagnosis

  • body shape analysis

  • recipes

  • 7 day macrobiotic diet talk for start on Mon, 29 Nov, finish Sun, 5 Dec

Sat, 27 November

  • foods for specific seasons

  • cooking styles and their effects and best suited seasons

  • list of foods for macrobiotics

  • macrobiotic food pyramid

  • preparing for Monday's detox

  • explaining the energy of:

    • grains

    • legumes

    • seeds & nuts

    • vegetables, sea vegetables

    • fruits

    • oils

    • pickles

    • soy

    • seasonings

  • tips for creating energy in your food

Sat, 4 December

  • Specific foods for specific health issues:

    • colds​

    • sore throats

    • bloating

    • poor circulation

    • lung congestion

    • headaches (for front and back of your head)

    • stiff neck

  • discussion about detox and end of detox info

  • how to integrate macro diet into real life/eating out with confidence

Sat, 11 December

  • 10 minute macrobiotics for busy people

  • transition from unhealthy cravings to natural whole foods

  • summing up and Q & A