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Macrobiotics Courses - Part 2   12 February 2022)

Location:  ONLINE via Zoom

Preparing Soup

Macrobiotics Course - Part 2

Go deeper with macrobiotics to make changes to your health

Saturdays, 12 February - 12 March    9 - 11.30 am

Sessions will be recorded and available until the following Saturday morning.

Cost:  $240 (early bird - pay before 10 January/$290 from 11 January)

GET 6 CPD with Yoga Australia (12 hours - 2 hrs = 1 pt as related to teaching = 6 pts/CEC points

Food is the fastest way to change your health, your body shape, your emotional responses and your overall well-being.  This is an easy to understand course that is easy for you to put into practice.

The workshop is LIVE with Janie via Zoom.  If you can't make it live, recordings will be available until the following Saturday lesson.


Sat, 12 February

  • yin and yang + 5 elements revisited

  • more facial diagnosis (face formation, pimples, colours and markings)

  • bum/brain connection

  • correlations between head, systems and organs

  • skin conditions

Sat, 19 February

  • 4 body types

  • dairy, sugar, salt and more

  • chewing

  • transition to macrobiotics

Sat, 26 February

  • compresses, tumours, cysts etc

  • acid and alkaline

  • glycemic index

  • potassium/sodium

Saturday, 5 March

  • more health issues and their remedies

(inflammation, menstrual cramps, leg cramps, other pains, tooth ache, diarrhea, constipation, hiccups, kidney stones, nausea, seizures, heartburn, coughing, burns, appendicitis, anemia asthma and more...

Saturday, 12 March

  • more health issues and their remedies (con't)

  • other bits and tips



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