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Back Pain Therapy Workshop

9 CPD pts


via Zoom - 11, 18 & 25 September 7 - 10 am Syd, Aust time

Investment:  $299

Pay in AUD, USD, GBP or NZD (link will auto convert to your currency)

An in-depth study of Zen Ki Yoga®, the meridians, diet, the principals of yin & yang and Traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to spinal health.


Learn several full therapeutic yoga classes/routines to use for yourself or teach (if you are a yoga teacher) to get rid of back pain and maintain spinal health.


Learn about the foods that heal and hurt the spine and how the digestive system affects the health of the spine and what you can do to optimise both your digestive system and your spinal health.


This work will be like nothing you've ever seen or learned before.  LEARN A WHOLE NEW SKILL!!!!


The 9-hour workshop includes 3 1-hour back pain yoga classes, a comprehensive workbook with information about meridians, western anatomy and Zen Ki Yoga® healing principles.

All workshop attendees will get a discount code for our full online Back Pain Therapy training if you wish to teach full Zen Ki Yoga classes.


Course content:

  • The basic principles of Zen Ki Yoga® as a healing system.

  • The meridians that rule the spine and those that are specific to the lower back and upper back, including the emotional/psychological relationship to the spine.


  • The structure of the spine and learn its anatomy. 

  • The alignment of the pelvis particularly affects the lower back, so we need to have an in-depth look at this including all of the joints, ligaments, blood and nerve supply and the major muscles that cause problems.  The main muscles of the pelvis and their relationship to the spine.


  • How the belly works with the back and how to strengthen it without straining the back.


  • The hara.


  • The diaphragm and it’s relationship to the spine and also how the way we breathe can affect our spine.


  • Specific diet to heal and strengthen the spine. How the digestive system influences the spine.


  • Basic rules for working with the spine.


  • Using the principles of Yin and Yang to strengthen and release.


  • Pressure point release therapy.

Please note:  refund policy


Cancellations less than 14 days - 50% only


Cancellations less than 7 days of workshop - no refund.


Janie's Zen Ki Yoga® Back Pain Therapy Workshop took my love of this yoga to another level. Janie's inspiring and easy-to-grasp teachings didn't just explore the poses and anatomy, but also the deeper concepts of yin/yang and how our body mechanics govern our emotional and spiritual lives. It all makes perfect sense to me now, I feel absolutely amazing and hope to one day share this amazing yoga with others. Janie is devoid of any of that yogi worship hullabaloo, which has always held me back from a deeper exploration, and I trust her no nonsense practical approach 100% . I now truly know that if I just do the work, I will be pain free, calm, open and strong for the rest of my life. What a gift! Thanks Janie

Caz Prescott, South Coast, NSW

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