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Zen Ki Yoga® works with meridians, the principles of yin and yang and Traditional Chinese Medicine to target specific health problems, weight loss issues and structural problems that can cause you pain.  If your spleen meridian isn't functioning properly it upsets our digestive system and hinders our weight loss efforts.  Our large and small intestines are also responsible for the shape and size of our thighs and the health of our lower back respectively.  Our liver and gall bladder meridians also play a role is detoxing and weight loss.


This DVD series offers a unique Japanese style of yoga using easy to follow and unique Japanese style meridian movements to make lasting changes to your body by incorporating these meridians.


Tone your organs and watch your external body shape change!!!


Disc 1

Spleen meridian for weight loss - 14 mins

Weight loss - liver, colon, gall bladder & spleen - 32 mins


Disc 2

Colon & kidney for lower back strength - 34 mins

+ bonus short small intestine sit-up sequence - 3 1/2 mins

Back Pain & Weight Loss Series DVDs


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