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Beach Meditation

28-day Summer Body
Yoga Program


21 October - 17 November


Spend 4 weeks with me, tricking your body into weight loss and toning your problem areas.  Before I was a yoga teacher, I was a fitness trainer.  I had clients who were size 18 that got to size 8, I had a client who was 130 kgs who got to 65 kgs.  I trained 9 clients a day most days a week and featured in or wrote magazine articles from the year 2000.  Check out the first one here >>> And you can see all the rest right at the bottom of the Media page on this website >>> 

So as a result, I have developed an all in one program for fitness, yoga, diet and well-being to get you in the best shape EVER.  You can do this program in ANY season, I can adapt it for those of you going into winter (just let me know upon signing up)!!!

We will be doing:

  • yoga

  • weights

  • cardio

  • diet

  • other well-being and self-care

You will need:

  • an online membership to classes (either on or the app)

  • 1, 2, 3 or 5 kg hand weights or kettle bells or 1 Litre/1 1/2 Litre water bottles (filled up - if this is your option I will send you instructions upon sign up) Hand weights can be purchased via Amazon for reasonable prices and if you do that now, you'll have them by October.  For women 1 - 3 kg, for men 3 - 5 kg.

  • access to a computer, phone or laptop for Zoom classes

Live classes will be:

Fridays 6 am (1 hour yoga)

Sundays 9 am (1 hour yoga)

Monday 6 pm (1/2 hour yoga, 1/2 hour hand weights/cardio)

Wednesday 6 pm (1/2 hour yoga, 1/2 hour hand weights/cardio)

You will also get daily emails about extra cardio, diet and online yoga classes to go to for the other days.


Cost:   Early bird (book by 30 September $299/from 1 October $349



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