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This DVDs in this series will lift the digestive system (which lifts the face and tones the jaw line as well as improve digestion) and also rejuvenates your spine, nervous system, posture and will assist you endocrine system (hormones) to keep you young and vital.


5 DVDs include:

Hormone Balance & anti-aging - 37 mins (intermediate)

Long neck & spine (go further in plough) - 32 mins (beginners)

Lift & tone the organs 1 - 39 mins (strong)

Lift & tone the organs 2 - 35 mins (strong)

Relax the bum to relax the brain - 27 mins (beginners)

Anti-Age DVDs - 5 classes DVDs

SKU: 366615376135191
  • This product has 5 DVDs.  This is also available for purchase by download from our site.


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