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Autumn is on it's way

As we move into Autumn, we experience the biggest change in seasons and weather making it potentially the most taxing on our health if we have had a huge summer of parties, alcohol, sugar and even too much tropical fruit!!

The lung and large intestine meridians are most prominent and also vulnerable energies during this time. These two meridians are all about 'letting go'. We let go of our breath so that we can take another breath and we should easily let go of our waste from our bowels as well. Our physical body often follows our emotional and psychological states, so if you are someone who 'holds on' to stuff, emotions, things people have done to you, you are more likely to hold on to your breath, your waste or both.

Letting go of anything has an enormous connection to trust. If we can't breathe in deeply, it's usually because we haven't breathed out enough. For asthmatics, the problem is not breathing in, it's that they are unable to breathe out fully, so there is no room for more breath to come in. Often we don't breathe out properly because we don't trust that we are going to get another full breath in. This pattern can develop unconsciously at a very young age when we learn for one reason or another not to trust. Perhaps our parents have separated, or we were promised something that never happened. Most of us have different reactions to the same or similar life events that we experience based on our constitution and the spirit we were born with.

I know of two brothers for example, who lost their other brother when they were all teenagers. Their mother was not able to cope with supporting them as well as coping with her own loss and there was even more anger within these two boys than there would have been otherwise. One was extremely angry and created and attracted issues daily which gave him the platform to express his anger, threatening people and fighting. The other brother was very calm and I'd never seen him raise his voice in any situation, however, he developed Crohn's disease. His anger had attacked him internally. Anger is a wood element/Spring time (liver and gall bladder emotion), it is also an emotion that we need to learn to express in a healthy manner. If we don't express it at all it can attack the body internally and can surface in a range of different health diseases, usually again, depending on your genes and therefore constitution. These brothers had a weakness in the metal element (lungs & large intestine). The angry brother had already developed asthma from he ages of 3 when his parents separated. The calm brother later went on to have a vertebrae replaced - right where the lung diagnostic area is in the neck!!

With Zen Ki Yoga® in Autumn and as we move to Autumn, we work specifically on the lungs and the large intestine the make them function as they should so as to keep you in your best health ever. If you can't get to the studio, we have lots of classes for this season (or the metal element) online.

Adding some good quality miso soup to you diet is a great thing to do at this time of year. The best time to have it for the bowel is in the morning. It's actually a great thing to have for breakfast with some brown rice.

Look out for the miso soup recipe coming in the next few days!!!

We also have our Autumn 7-day yoga intensive coming up 10-16 March. $195 until Monday 9 am/$245 after that xxx

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