The DVDs in this series work on women's health issues bringing power, strength and warmth into the belly and reproductive system assisting in getting rid of period pain and enhancing fertility.  Energy will flow through your hips, lower back, sacrum and entire pelvis more efficiently so you feel grounded and light.  It will also assist you in getting your body back into the shape after having a baby AND preparing to have a baby (not for use during pregnancy).


7 classes include:

Women's Health class - 40 mins

Bladder Strength - 20 mins

Energy Flow through the pelvis - 23 mins

Stagnant Belly - 43 mins

Veins - 42 mins

Women's Health class - 52 mins

Hips & lower back - get rid of period pain - 50 mins

Women's Health DVD Series - 7 classes

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  • This product has 7 DVDs.  This is also available for purchase by download from our site.