A Zen Ki Yoga® class for each of the 5 elements/seasons to keep you in your optimal health all year!!!


This is the first DVDs made by Zen Ki Yoga® and as they were so successful, we've made many more since.  This set of DVDs are strong but any user will be able to do them.  If you find that a class becomes difficult, just leave parts out that you can't do and eventually work toward completing as you get stronger and more flexible.


5 DVDs inlcude:

  • Summer class - Heart and Small Intestine meridians - great for opening the heart and releasing tension from the upper body, while building the power and strengthn where it is supposed to be in your gut, core muscles and lower body - 64 mins
  • Late Summer class - Spleen and Stomach meridians - this class is great for the digestive and reproductive systems.  You will empower your digestion, tone your organs and get the blood and energy flowing through your pelvis to nourish your reproductive system and alleviate period pain for women.  Men will love this class too!!! - 52 mins
  • Autumn class - Lungs and Large Intestine meridians - this class will tone your bum and thighs as the large intestine rules these areas of the body.  You will tone your bowel making elimination better and this will help your lung function and improve your skin's appearance. - 46 mins
  • Winter class - Kidney and Bladder meridians - Work on the structure around your spine by strengthening and releasing your muscles and nervous system.  Ground yourself into your lower body energy and feel calm and confident. - 47 mins
  • Spring class - Liver and Gall Bladder - These meridians assist in making us more flexible.  They rule the joints and tendons and the liver detoxes the blood.  This is a great class to do any time of year, but especially in Spring!! - 49 mins


You can do all classes at any time of year, especially if there is something you wish to work on.  The only limitation is not to do the Winter DVD too many times in Summer and vice-versa.  You can do the Winter DVD in Summer but not every day and mix it up with other classes in between.

5 Seasons DVDs - 5 DVDs

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